Mayela and Jennifer, who worked together in hospitality for over 10 years called a mutual friend for support. “We asked to borrow some forks and knives, not even knowing where we’d have the event,” Jennifer says of the initial call. “The next thing we knew Verde at Perez Art Museum Miami was offering to host our first dinner. We were truly blessed!”

That initial dinner, a vegetarian meal prepared by Top Chef Janine Booth, was a runaway success. “Hungry Harvest came on board to provide the produce and they’ve been a great partner of ours ever since,” Mayela notes. “We supported Lotus House as our non-profit of choice that first evening, and since then have supported not only them, but Flipany, Wellness in the Schools, Debris Free Oceans, Kristi House and No Kid Hungry and look forward to supporting non-profits for years to come.”


The onset of COVID halted the events Sustainable Supperclub had planned for 2020, but it certainly didn’t stop Mayela and Jennifer. As soon as the cost was relatively clear, they brought Sustainable Supperclub back to where it all began- with an Earth Day Dinner at Verde at PAMM in partnership with Friends of New World Symphony. The alfresco dinner was a success, as attendees were thrilled to be out and about a gain, and comfortable with the open-air location. 


Sustainable Supperclub’s goal is to host 4 events per year hand-in-hand with a variety of partners while supporting non-profits in line with its mission in order to keep the conversation about sustainability going. For Jennifer and Mayela, Sustainable Supperclub is a passion project. Working with no budget does not deter these strong women from pursuing their mission of educating others on the importance of food sustainability in a social and accessible way, and they have been fortunate to have the Miami community supporting them. “We’ve been incredibly humbled by the support we’ve received from so many partners,” Jennifer states. “Sustainability is so important and it’s really amazing to see that so many people are inspired to make a difference and embrace much needed change when it comes to this issue.”