In 2017, Mayela Lanza and Jennifer Weinberg had an intense discussion regarding the challenge presented by food waste, and both women were inspired to take action.  They wanted to bring awareness regarding food waste and sustainability to a Miami audience, in a way that wouldn’t be overwhelming but would rather inspire people to make a few easy changes which in the long run would make a big difference to the earth. Mayela and Jennifer also wanted to take the idea one step further by giving back to the community as a result of their efforts.

Aaron Karger serves as President of Sustainable Supperclub. Aaron’s interest in food waste and reallocation stems in part from his community involvement. He currently serves as a Board Member at Kristi House Children’s Advocacy Center, and as a Volunteer with Dade Legal Aid, Put Something Back Program. Aaron looks forward to continuing Sustainable Supperclub’s mission in identifying and working with Miami based organizations whose mission it is to assist those in need, by accepting reallocation of food that would otherwise be discarded.