Meet the Team

What started off as a modest idea has been brought to life by our enthusiastic and inspired team. Our shared passion to eliminate food waste has led us to the creation of Sustainable Supperclub.


Jennifer Weinberg

Founder & Co-Chair

Having visited all 7 continents, Jennifer saw firsthand the poverty and need in other countries, which heightened her awareness of the waste in those countries more fortunate and the need to put an end to it.

Mayela Lanza - Sustainable

Mayela Lanza

Founder & Co-Chair

At the age of 9, Mayela visited Nicaragua her birthplace and witnessed poverty for the first time which left a lasting impression.  This ignited her personal interest in food waste and consumption and taking efforts to bring awareness to this cause.


Sustainable SupperClub is excited to be working with these amazing partners.

Hungry Harvest believes that no fresh produce should go to waste. They save this delicious produce and deliver it straight to your door.

Jackson Hall is the nation’s first wellness-focused food hall in a healthcare setting.  The welcoming 10,000-square foot space features six globally-inspired culinary and beverage concepts.

HaloVino® is designed to enjoy wine in places where using glass is not an option. Finally, a portable, spill-and-splatter proof, outdoor-friendly wine glass that optimizes taste.

Hi Gloss is a brand strategy and creative media agency, dedicated to building brands through bold story telling and immersive experiences.

Reelmax Photos is natural light photographer that specializes in portraits and events.

Concrete Beach Brewery unites communities with a common love of traditions. With an artistic array of classically brewed ales and lagers, they work hard to ensure that every pint conveys their passion and that their beer complements any occasion.

Debris Free Ocean is a non-profit whose mission is to inspire local communities to responsibly manage the life cycle of plastic and waste as a global initiative.

Lotus House is an organization dedicated to improving the lives of homeless women, youth and children.

Flipany serves youth and families through their innovative programs on fight childhood obesity and hunger by focusing on healthy food preparation, food security, physical education and work-site wellness.

Wellness in the Schools teaches kids healthy habits to learn and live better.

NexPub simplifies the complicated processes for printing and communications by constantly looking for and collecting the very best practices and tools. We organize them in such a way as to solve and often even anticipate our clients' challenges.